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Dance The Revolution


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*Consious Dance Music – Dance The Revolution*

“If you got a bowl made out of ancient sacred wood and mixed in electro house, bluegrass, dubstep, soul, funk, Africa, Jane Goodall, glitter, Noam Chompsky, curry, Eckhart Tolle, and blended it all using Lasers and Love you’d get an idea of this flava.”

Four years in the making, “Kinetic Soul Warriors” is Astro Hawk’s first complete artist album. The album showcases inspirational performances and remixes from artists like Elisa Sciscioli, Travis Knapp and Jaclyn Marie as well as official speech sampling from the renowned author, speaker and luminary, Dr. Matthew Fox.

Twelve electric tracks move through various styles of dance music with powerful coursing rhythms, cascading melodies, and profound lyrics that take the listener and dancer on a journey where spiritual activism, inner peace, and harmony with our communities and our Earth home are being actualized and celebrated through dance!

Astro Hawk has opened for acts like Sound Tribe Sector Nine and Afrobeta and been on the line up with acts like Paul Oakenfold and Bassnectar performing at festivals from Burningman to the more family friendly Grassroots Festivals in Virginia Key, FL and Trumansburg, NY.

Become a Kinetic Soul Warrior and DANCE THE REVOLUTION!

“One Tribe, One Planet, One Beat…let’s make it funky!”
– AH

Extended Bio:

I believe music and dancing are hardwired into our genetic code. They are an elemental, important, and healthy expression of our humanity. If you don’t believe me watch a child, or listen to your own inner child. In our striving for modern progress we have lost this awareness. Instead of integrating and celebrating them in our daily social fabric, as we would a healthy diet or exercise, (which we once did) we have relegated them to being entertainment and “past times.” One of my main motivations for making this music is to help remind us of their importance. One Tribe, One Planet, One Beat…let’s make it funky

Dj’ing over 20 years Producing for over 10 years Invited to play for audiences in several states in the US as well as a few venues in Europe and Asia Fortunate enough to play on the same bill with International Dj’s like Paul Oakenfold, Dylan Rhymes , Bassnectar, and open for bands like Sound Tribe Sector Nine and Afrobeta.

I grew up in the small towns of central New York. My father, now retired, was a Methodist minister and my Mom, also retired (kicked the Habit…sorry!), was a Catholic nun. But despite choosing particular religious paths they were very spiritually and culturally open and encouraged my broader pursuits.

In high school I started a morning radio show designed to both entertain the students and raise awareness and conversation around problems I saw in the school from racism to cutting arts funding. Also, the school dances are where I began Dj’ing.

When I left high school I traveled and did volunteer work in Central America and the Caribbean. I came back to the U.S. and received my Bachelors from Flagler College in Philosophy and a dual minor in Psychology/Religious Studies. It was at this time, during its height in the US in the late 90′s, that I became interested in Rave and electronic dance music.

I started Rising Stream Productions with friend and revolutionary poet Jake Jacob in 1999 and began throwing art-centered club nights around central Florida. In 2000 I moved to Oakland where I received my Master’s Degree in Wisdom Traditions and the New Cosmology from Naropa Institute (Oakland Campus).

I became Coordinator of the Techno Cosmic Mass as well as the Resident Dj. I finished my Master’s Thesis in 2004 entitled “Sonic Bridges” which was both a written and musical project suggesting ways that The Dj and electronic dance music could be a catalyst for changing our paradigms around the use and abuse of technology and a way to integrate our consciousness into the emerging themes of postmodernism.

I then partnered with Dj, activist, yogi, and expressive dance instructor, Jonathan Relucio, in a project called FLOW. It was a Dj guided expressive arts and dance workshop focused on issues of personal and social justice that we brought to places like U.C. Berkeley, Naropa Institute, and other community and religious organizations around the Bay Area.

We also started another dance night in collaboration with Rising Hope a progressive spiritual/social justice non-profit based in Alameda, CA. It was called “Sonicbridges” and was an experiment in building community and consciousness around creative activism and supporting local nonprofits.

While living in California I worked with and was by influenced by many amazing visionaries, artists, dj’s, and activists. I have lead workshops with Matthew Fox, Andrew Harvey, Chief Luisah Teish, and Russill Paul. I have worked alongside Alex Grey, Starhawk, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez and Drew Dellinger. I have studied under Joanna Macy, Brian Swimme, and Rupert Sheldrake. And, in utilizing some of the wisdom I’ve learned through them, I have taught classes on the “History of Dj Culture” and “Postmodernism.”

I was also very fortunate to develop relationships with other conscious dance music pioneers like Dj Dragonfly of the Groove Garden and Syd Gris from Opulent Temple fame at Burning Man. I left California in 2007 after an amazing Burning Man experience with the Opulent Temple Crew and began preparations for my first round the world adventure.

One of my dreams is to do a Dance Tour for world peace. But I figured it would be wise to experience and learn more about the world before knowing fully how, if, and why this dream could happen. So I became a timeless vagabond with little more than some clothes, a microphone, lap top, and trust that I will be guided and inspired as I surrender to the journey (mostly unplanned).

The Journey began on Dec. 9th 2007 and took me West from New York stopping briefly in California then to 9 other countries (Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Germany) before returning to New York 6 months later just in time to surprise my mother for her 70th Birthday.

The travel bug had bit and I had embraced the paradigm of being and moving like a global citizen, so after resting up at my retreat and studio in New York, I left again for Budapest Hungary where I lived for 8 months, and developed the Sonic Nomad Project which is the idea of bridging travel, dance music, and humanitarianism that came out of the round the world journey.

I then left Budapest to venture around much of Eastern Europe and the former Yugoslavian states. This experience led me to think about developing different series in the Sonic Nomad Project and to keep traveling and working with more community building efforts. For instance the first series will be “Around the World” the next series could be “Eastern Europe” and so on.

Since Eastern Europe until the present I have continued traveling, working, learning, and engaging global community and global consciousness. I traveled throughout South America and lived in Thailand.I have been a Dj for almost 20 years and working in production for almost 12 and I’ve been fortunate to play venues all over the globe and open for some acclaimed bands and Dj’s.

In 2011 I committed to devote completely to being a full time electronic music Producer dedicated as much to personal development and creative expression as to positive social and environmental change. The new chapter culminates with the long awaited (by me anyway! 3 years in the making) launch of the first Sonic Nomad Project Album.

The project caught the interest of Casey Nefcy from CounterW8 Records in San Francisco and he has generously offered his time and professional skills to master many of the tracks on the album. And I’ve been developing a strong relationship with Overground Digital Records and Ace Tatsu out of Budapest who have been very supportive and inspiring. I’ll be releasing some other projects through them this fall along with remixes and collaborations with Ace.

I am excited to continue working with artists and record labels that would be as interested in my music as my message. I’m also starting network projects to bring together artists, Dj’s, producers, businesses, etc. that can share the vision of creating “sonic bridges” to a better future for this planet and for the 7th Generation.

If you are also interested in the soul power of electronic dance music let’s make a connection! And/or feel free to just connect. Soulsonic Transportation, Astro

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